At Uniontown UMC, we value each child as God's precious gift. Our desire is to nurture each child through interactive learning that will stimulate their growth, knowledge and love of God.  


Our Children's Sunday School provides a loving environment for children to learn and grow.  Two of our teachers, Debbie and Sharon, have been trained in the education of children. The Nursery is for children  newborn - 3 years old. It is staffed with a professional caregiver as well as qualified volunteers. For parents with children in the Nursery, a pager is provided for immediate access as needed.

Another way we value our children at Uniontown UMC is through providing them with a more age appropriate Service during our 10:45 am Blended Service.  This is a time we like to call Children's Time Apart.


This is where children, ages 4 through 2nd grade, can interactively learn and grow in God on their own level.


Children who wish to attend are excused during the beginning of service. A teacher's assistant will lead the children into their classrooms where they will discover new things about God.

Every Sunday During the School Year @ 9:30 am

Children's Sunday School

Children's Time Apart

Every Sunday During the School Year @ the 10:45 am service

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Every year in July. Dates and times change. Check upcoming events for this years times.

We also value our chidren at Uniontown UMC  by providing them with engaging, safe, age appropreate and fun ways to learn about Gods  word.


This is were children, ages 3  through grade 5 are invited to build a solid foundation of biblical knowledge through crafts,  games, bible stroy, and music.  We are always greatful to have adults and youth volenter to help out during our program.


Every year during VBS we have a heathy compotition betweent he boys and the girls or audlts and children to help out our stark counrty misinstries . We have raised money for children bibles in another country, clean water in Africa and to help families in our community. This year we gathered food for F.I.S.H.

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