Leadership Opportunities

Welcoming Team                                                           Gift - Nurturing Gifts Cluster  


The Welcoming Team works to ensure that our visitors feel welcomed in our church and at our events. Join this team and you will be building relationships and following up with new comers in a variety of different ways. It may be a phone call, personal letter, text message, Facebook message or maybe you will meet for coffee. The overall objective is for our guests to feel at home.




Contact - Kevin Luta

Membership Care Team                                               Gift - Nurturing Gifts Cluster


While the Welcoming Team covers new visitors, this team cares for those that are more regular in attendance.

Through home visitations and other means of reaching out, it is our goal that our members feel loved, appreciated and encouraged. This team is encouraged to go out in groups of two's to visit shut ins and members.




Contact - Kevin Luta

Outreach Team                                                               Gift - Outreach Gifts Cluster  


The Outreach Team focuses their efforts on how to reach people who do not know Jesus. Through promoting and putting on events, developing outreaches or one-on-one ministry, it is their goal to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.




Contact - Kevin Luta

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